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How to convert MP3 audio files to OGG online?

Step 1. Upload MP3-file

Click "Choose File" button to select a mp3 file on your computer. MP3 audio file size can be up to 50 Mb.

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Information about MP3 and OGG file formats

Full nameMPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer IIIOgg Vorbis
File extension.mp3.ogg .oga
MIMEaudio/mpeg, audio/MPA, audio/mpa-robustapplication/ogg, audio/ogg, audio/vorbis, audio/vorbis-config
Developed byFraunhofer InstituteXiph.Org Foundation
Type of formatDigital audioAudio compression format
IntroductionMPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, more commonly referred to as MP3, is an audio coding format for digital audio which uses a form of lossy data compression. It is a common audio format for consumer audio streaming or storage, as well as a de facto standard of digital audio compression for the transfer and playback of music on most digital audio players. Vorbis is a free and open-source software project headed by the Xiph.Org Foundation. The project produces an audio coding format and software reference encoder/decoder (codec) for lossy audio compression. Vorbis is most commonly used in conjunction with the Ogg container format and it is therefore often referred to as Ogg Vorbis.
Technical detailsThe use of lossy compression is designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording and still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio. An MP3 file that is created using the setting of 128 kbit/s will result in a file that is about 1/11 the size of the CD file created from the original audio source. Vorbis had been shown to perform significantly better than many other lossy audio formats in the past in that it produced smaller files at equivalent or higher quality while retaining computational complexity comparable to other MDCT formats such as AAC or Windows Media Audio.
Associated programsVLC media player, MPlayer, Winamp, foobar2000.VLC media player, MPlayer, Winamp, foobar2000.
Sample filesample.mp3sample.ogg
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